Brandin Statement

We let our work speak for us, but if we were to say something it would go like this. “If you book a Lyric Video with Illusion Studios you will not be disappointed and will be amazed at how well we execute our productions and services. We aim to please and we aim to match the level of greatness you just laid down on the track, visually

Son Of Pearl
Production Points


When it comes to conveying the mood and representing the song, typography plays the most important role. A key component of typography is legibility, the ability of the reader to understand what is written. We choose the typeface, font’s size, color, placement, and spacing very carefully depending on the mood of the song as they are all essential parts of the equation that translates from print to motion design

Scene Setup

We channel our effort to getting the animation right and ensuring it represents the script and design to achieve the goals set out in the beginning. We are passionate about creating complex and high-quality scenes. Ranging from forest to futuristic sci-fi neon or glitchy space station. We like to keep it clean and to the point and apply design principles for all the scenes. You will love the amount of detail we put in our lyric videos.

Executing Tasks

We have a reputation for constantly striving to have a bird's eye view of the project so we can find solutions to real problems, not just to make things move. We start from the first day by sharing ideas with our customers. We share ideas for the effects and scene and once we land on it, we start sending them samples every day. We keep them updated on every step so they are fully satisfied with the final product.